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Visual Arts

Gabby James

Art Teacher


Our students are taught by a certified art specialist.  They study a variety of concepts, artists, art styles and work with many different media appropriate to their developmental levels.  Students begin with learning basic vocabulary including the elements of art and principles of design.  This is important in understanding the artwork of other artists as well as being able to discuss their own work.  Each year students increase their depth of knowledge regarding art styles, vocabulary, and materials.  We take a look at art over the course of history and discuss why certain types of artwork were created.  Students learn that art can be functional, for aesthetic purposes, or have a deeper meaning.  Students begin learning how to use materials correctly in kindergarten so that in later years they can use what they know to experiment with those materials in a variety of different ways.  By the time students are in the 6th grade, they are able to think through creative processes and make personal decisions about their work using everything they have learned throughout their elementary years.  Students keep a portfolio of their work over the course of the year.  When there is an opportunity for a student or students to showcase a work of art they are able to look at their breadth of work and decide which piece is the best one to submit.  Students will leave our school with an appreciation of art and will be able to make their own creative decisions in a variety of situations.