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"Music can open minds to different ideas while encouraging the appreciation of underestimated qualities of music as a whole. Music is necessary for the developing brain by teaching patience, acceptance, and an understanding of why music brings people together from all over the world. Music’s role reflects as a way to encourage fellowship and creativity, no matter where the participants are from or what they do. Musicians understand that without music, this would be a very dull, tedious world to live in. Presumably, music serves a purpose or completes a function for musicians and others throughout the activities pursued by each individual. This theory can reflect the unique appreciation each musician has, despite what style they enjoy, what creative processes are used, and overall execution of the gift. 

I believe that if the basic teaching standards were met by every teacher, then every student would learn the same things musically, and will thrive with their newfound abilities. Being able to compose, arrange, sing, play, analyze and much more can greatly influence the teaching process later on. Beginning students with basic concepts will encourage their musical creativity throughout their future. Starting children off with learning note lengths, patterns, and rhythms can greatly influence their creativity throughout their musical experience. This can potentially create more understanding of individuality if the students would like to further their knowledge of how music works and what they can do to construct it. 

All students do not learn the same way by any means, so being able to completely distribute the concepts pertaining to the lesson plan to all students is very important.The learning environment should make students feel safe. Students should never believe that there are any wrong ideas pertaining to musical creativity. Each student should feel like they belong in the music classroom, and with the guidance of a great teacher, the students will have the ability to thrive in an environment that is safe, happy, and freeing.” 

Taylor Holley, Music Teacher


The Beginning Band is created for students to learn basic concepts regarding rhythms, articulations, and group performing before advancing to the Middle School Band level. The Mako Beginning Band is composed of clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, baritones, French horns, and a percussion section. The students in the band will learn the fundamentals of their selected instrument while putting together musical selections to be performed in December and May. The students of the Mako Beginning Band have an opportunity to try-out on multiple instruments at the end of their 5th grade year, or beginning of their 6th grade year. Whichever instrument they excel at will determine their participation in the band class! The OB Mako Beginning Band is excited to learn and perform for the community, and the students are eager to involve themselves in a more in-depth musical study. Go Makos!